Twenty Seven Benefits of Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle also known as Common Nettle, burn nettle, burn weed and burn hazel, refers to a group of six sub-species of plants  belonging Urtica dioica group, they grow 3- 7 feet in height and five plants of these sub-species have stinging leaves called trichomes that produce a sting when it comes in contact with skin, hence the name.

Research has revealed that  Urtica dioica is rich in histamine, seratonin, formic acid, acetylcholine, kaempferol, pantothenic acid, quercetin, agglutinin, acetophenone, Lectin,choline and many more


Stinging nettle Uses:

Traditionally nettle leaves and roots have been used to address health issues like:

  1. Prostate support functions addressing BPH, irritable bladder and urination issues
  2. Treatment of joint pains,
  3. Kidney stones
  4. Hay fever
  5. Reduction of High Blood Pressure
  6. Boost sexual performance
  7. Osteoarthritis
  8. Allergies
  9. Prevent Anemia and Fatigue in women
  10. Strengthens the fetus in pregnant women
  11. Increases milk production in lactating mother
  12. Prevents internal bleeding
  13. stop excess menstrual flow
  14. Controls diabetes
  15. Dysentery and gastric issues
  16. Asthma
  17. Lung Congestion
  18. Muscle aches
  19. Neuralgia
  20. Gout
  21. Hemorrhoids
  22. IBS
  23. Hair loss
  24. Oily scalp
  25. Bronchitis
  26. Gingivitis
  27. PMS


Exercise precaution if you are:

Diabetes: Stinging nettle helps in reducing blood sugar, when taken along with diabetic  medications may result in low blood sugar.

Low Blood Pressure: people with low BP should know that it is known to reduce blood pressure, hence take professional advice to decide on dosage.

It is known to interact with blood thinning drugs as well as NSAID Drugs.


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